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Alien Robot Monsters  Game Soundtrack , epic , orchestral

An epic, orchestral soundtrack resembling older hollywood movie soundtracks for the sci-fi tower defense game of Kraftix Games.

Triplane Turmoil II  Game Soundtrack , acoustic , oldtime , humppa , WW1

Official soundtrack for the fictional world war 1 flying game. Includes original Triplane Turmoil's .mod files as a bonus!

Biddl  Game Soundtrack , acoustic , Transport Tycoon

An easy-listen main theme for a mobile game/shopping hybrid app Biddl. Was inspired by old game Transport Tycoon, with a modern twist. Seamless loop.

Lost Crypts  Game Soundtrack , chiptune , c64 , retro , fantasy , gauntlet

A collection of some of the looped tunes for a browser game Lost Crypts reminding Gauntlet. Seamless loops.

Hexters  Game Soundtrack , 80s , synthwave , retrowave , retro , chiptune

Loseless version of the incomplete soundtrack of Hexters by Draconus Entertainment currently in Steam Early Access. Content will be updated as it appears in the game. You can find a bit of synthwave, retrowave, chip music and retro in this soundtrack.