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Music for games, film and TV

Markku Rankala - Finnish composer & orchestrator. When not composing music, I work as a full-time game developer at Draconus Entertainment or on a stage of Finnish National Opera.

In addition of understanding the technical requirements and possibilities of game music, my aim is to compose music that is fitting, engaging, memorable, interesting & possibly unique enough.

Specialities are epic orchestral scores, period music and a fittingly maveric genre of retro chiptunes.

Affordable rates for indie game developers. Contact for more information. No more excuses to have uninteresting soundtrack in your game!

Below are few selected works. You can find more music by selecting genres on the left menu.

Hexters  Game Soundtrack , 80s , synthwave , retrowave , retro , chiptune

Loseless version of the incomplete soundtrack of Hexters by Draconus Entertainment currently in Steam Early Access. Content will be updated as it appears in the game. You can find a bit of synthwave, retrowave, chip music and retro in this soundtrack.

Alien Robot Monsters  Game Soundtrack , epic , orchestral

An epic, orchestral soundtrack resembling older hollywood movie soundtracks for the sci-fi tower defense game of Kraftix Games.

Triplane Turmoil II  Game Soundtrack , acoustic , oldtime , humppa , WW1

Official soundtrack for the fictional world war 1 flying game. Includes original Triplane Turmoil's .mod files as a bonus!

Biddl  Game Soundtrack , acoustic , Transport Tycoon

An easy-listen main theme for a mobile game/shopping hybrid app Biddl. Was inspired by old game Transport Tycoon, with a modern twist. Seamless loop.

Lost Crypts  Game Soundtrack , chiptune , c64 , retro , fantasy , gauntlet

A collection of some of the looped tunes for a browser game Lost Crypts reminding Gauntlet. Seamless loops.